Is It Cheaper To Get Cremated Or Buried

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Is It Cheaper To Get Cremated Or Buried

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What’s Cheaper Cremation Or Burial ?

These days, the majority of people select cremations over conventional burials due to the fact that it’s more cheaper and cost effective. Cremations are the most economical way of caring for a loved one. Associated costs such as, visitation and funeral services are usually avoidable when doing a cremation. The total cost of cremation is between one and two thousand dollars and, of course, in some parts of the world you can have it for less than $800-$900 and more in other parts of the country.

The NFDA reports funeral rates every couple of years, and the median price for a funeral was $7,640 in 2019. For 2016, this is up from $6,560. This expense covers the most common services requested by families from funeral homes such as embalming, a metal casket, use of funeral home facilities for the viewing and remembrance ceremony, and transportation of the body to the cemetery by hearse.

Many of those programs are free, such as embalming and consultation. The Federal Trade Commission mandates funeral homes to include price sheets in person and price quotes over the phone for all of their services; calling around to various funeral homes in your area can often save thousands of dollars on the same services.

There are several cemeteries that allow you to buy a vault along with the grave plot. For a plot in the cemetery and the grave opening and closing services, families can expect to pay at least $2000. Choosing an intricate casket will add several thousand dollars to your costs.

Can You Have An Open Casket And Then Be Cremated ?

Many people don’t know that if you chose a traditional burial or a cremation, you were always entitled to a meaningful ceremony or life celebration for babies and allowed to have it. You may have what we call a full cremation where the body is present for a traditional viewing and funeral in a proper casket and you go to the crematorium instead of going to the cemetery. If the cremation takes place after a typical funeral service, you can purchase a service casket that can act as the container for the cremation. A container that is cremated should not have metal parts, so the container must be all wood, fabric-covered wood or an equivalent material.

If you don’t want to buy a costly funeral service coffin, you can rent a funeral service casket and then cremate the body into a plain cardboard container (known as a “alternative coffin”). Most funeral homes have rental caskets available; if you intend to rent a funeral service casket, make sure that the funeral home in which you work with will provide you this cost saving feature.